"Train hard fight  easy"

About Us

Welsh Combat is a freestyle kickboxing club. Originally a Taekwondo club which changed to Korean Kickboxing to become the freestyle club we are today and taking away some of the boredom of traditional methods that can exist.  The club is a friendly and learner focused environment who's instructors are dedicated to realizing the goals and ambitions of all its students, whether for general fitness, grading, competing in the sport, or just to join a friendly and family spirited club.  Welsh Combat is a proud affiliate of the WKBF - (Welsh Kick Boxing Federation) - and we give thanks and recognition to the federations continuing support. With special thanks to the tutelage and teachings of the club's originator Mr Robbie Nelson 5th Dan and to 
Mr Hugh "Bungie" Ruse – (Chief Instructor 7th Dan) at Budokan Wales for all their support and vision for whom our aspiring club would not exist (www.budokan.com).

Our coaching teams credentials not only include many years of teaching experience at our great club, but also include full DSB accreditation, backgrounds in education, as well as recognized qualifications in the fitness industry and martial arts.  All our official club documentation is available at our club

Mr Shane Price 4th Dan
Miss Caroline Hall - 1st deg

Mr John Sharp 4th Dan
Miss Winnie Yang 1st deg

Mr Mike Williams 2nd Dan