"Train hard fight  easy"


Boomstars is our wonderful  junior class at Welsh Combat. A programme dedicated to young learners engaging in fitness activities and martial arts..

The learning objectives for our 5 – 8 year olds are naturally achieved through fun activities that help to develop techniques in the sport as well as promote self confidence, social skills, and fitness benefits derived from the traditional disciplines of a martial art.

Our 8 – 12 year olds learning objectives are achieved more through direct and structured lessons directly from the clubs syllabus, again ensuring a good balance of fitness, flexibilty and correct technique, as well as a series of set combinations that cover all strikes within the syllabus which your child will learn as they progress in the club.

Progress and achievement go hand in hand and your child’s progress will be closely monitored and assessed during normal training and formally during pre-grading tests and official gradings, where upon successful completion your child will be awarded his or her belt in recognition of their achievement and a symbol of their skill set and status in the club rankings. Your little boom star will be training in a fun and friendly environment with a seating area for Mums and Dads. Our instructors and coaching team's credentials not only include the many years of teaching experience at our great club, but also include full DSB checks, backgrounds in education, as well as recognized qualifications in the fitness industry and martial arts.  All official club documentation is available on request at Welsh Combat.  For more information or to book your Boom star in for a fun filled FREE session, then pop over to our contacts page here we look forward to hearing from you....BOOM :-)